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  • What is papilloma at the tip and root of the tongue. Symptoms and causes of neoplasms. Diagnosis and treatment of growths. How to quickly get rid of papillomas on the tongue? Measures to prevent warts.
    3 April 2022
  • Classification of the course of papillomavirus infection. How is the human papillomavirus transmitted? Treatment of human papillomavirus in women.
    2 April 2022
  • The route of infection with the human papillomavirus. HPV types. Papilloma on the skin of the body and in the larynx. Baby warts. Removal of neoplasms.
    18 March 2022
  • The appearance of new growths on the skin and genitals, as well as cervical cancer, are caused by one virus. What measures exist for the prevention and treatment of human papillomavirus.
    17 March 2022
  • Papillomas in the throat appear due to the growth of connective tissue and epithelium. Such formations are almost always benign. Why do they occur and how to get rid of them? Useful information in the material.
    19 February 2022
  • Find out how you can get rid of large warts on your feet. Read our article on how to treat warts on the soles of your feet with folk remedies.
    10 January 2022
  • The main reasons for the appearance of papillomas on the body, the main methods of treatment and removal of formations.
    8 January 2022
  • The article describes the main types of warts on human skin.
    3 January 2022
  • Why did a wart appear on the foot? Learn how to get rid of painful plantar growths on your feet at home. Check out the list of effective tools and procedures.
    1 January 2022
  • Undoubtedly, the most popular way to get rid of papillomas is laser removal. Before the procedure, familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of the method.
    17 December 2021
  • The human papillomavirus in women often causes genital neoplasms. Find out how HPV is transmitted, as well as what methods and drugs can achieve the best therapeutic effect.
    17 December 2021
  • Removing papillomas at home is always important, since in a state of chronic stress, a modern person encounters this quite often. Methods and means for getting rid of formations are collected in the article.
    12 December 2021
  • How to remove a wart and get rid of education at home? Effective methods for removing growths are described in the article.
    11 December 2021
  • How to choose the right ointment for warts and papillomas. There are a large number of ointments that can be bought at the pharmacy or made at home. An overview of the most effective ones is presented in the article.
    1 December 2021
  • How to remove papillomas at home: what are papillomas, types of papillomas, why do you need to remove formations and how to do it at home.
    28 November 2021
  • Warts are pathological growths on the skin, which, if removed incorrectly, can degenerate into tumor formations. Therefore, it is important to know how to properly treat and remove them.
    20 November 2021
  • Learn how to treat papillomas to keep your skin healthy and prevent re-infection and disease recurrence. What methods of therapy exist in modern medicine.
    19 November 2021
  • Papillomas on the penis are caused by infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV). The danger of the disease depends on what kind of strain has entered the body. The doctor chooses the methods of treatment and removal of papillomas on the penis.
    18 November 2021
  • Why are warts growing? An experienced dermatovenerologist: the wart has begun to grow - what to do. Ways to get rid of warts.
    11 November 2021
  • What is papilloma? Types, stages and degrees, symptoms, causes of appearance, diagnosis, when it is necessary to consult a doctor, prevention, treatment methods.
    10 November 2021
  • Flat warts are growths of the stratum corneum due to infection with the human papillomavirus. Why do they appear and how to get rid of the formations? Read the article.
    31 October 2021
  • Features and symptoms of papillomas in the vagina. The reasons for their appearance. How to treat papillomas in the vagina with drugs and folk remedies? Removal methods.
    22 October 2021
  • Papilloma is a skin growth. And its occurrence does not always pass without a trace for human health, therefore, it is necessary to have information on how to proceed when such an education is detected. We will tell you how to remove papillomas with the help of medicines, folk remedies and procedures.
    21 October 2021
  • Do you know that by the way the papilloma looks and on what parts of the body it has formed, you can judge the danger of its degeneration? Please read important information.
    20 October 2021
  • The reasons for the appearance, symptoms and diagnostic options for papillomas on the penis. Methods of treatment and removal of formations, preventive measures.
    18 October 2021
  • The reasons for the appearance of papillomas and genital warts on the body, what are the similarities and differences of the formations. What are the dangerous growths and how to get rid of them.
    18 October 2021
  • The mechanism and causes of papillomas on the body. Features of manifestation in men and women, prevention of occurrence.
    17 October 2021
  • The medicine for papillomas and warts must be chosen in such a way that, as a result of treatment, the growths disappear forever, without relapse. Find out which remedies and groups of drugs are most effective.
    15 October 2021
  • Which doctor should I go to and how to treat papillomas on the body or stop their growth? The most effective drugs are in this article.
    14 October 2021
  • How to remove papillomas at home, remove with liquid nitrogen, laser, radio wave method, folk remedies, how to remove on the neck and other places, read the article.
    16 September 2021
  • Symptoms of the appearance of warts and ways of infection. For what reasons do warts appear on the body and what do they look like? Ways to get rid of warts.
    11 September 2021
  • Learn how to get rid of a wart quickly at home. Read our article on methods for removing flat warts at home using folk remedies.
    9 September 2021
  • The sudden appearance on the body of unpleasant growths - warts or papillomas, plunges into shock. What is it? Where? How dangerous is it? We talk about the means in the pharmacy for the removal of papillomas - cryopreparations, medications, immunomodulatory and antiviral, plant-based.
    7 September 2021
  • Why do papillomas appear on the labia and how do they look? Why are education dangerous? What methods of treatment and removal are most effective? Find out the answers after reading the article.
    1 September 2021
  • Methods of treating human papillomavirus by conservative and destructive methods, the recovery period after therapy.
    30 August 2021
  • What is papilloma, the causes of growths and their danger. Complete information on the correct removal of papillomas from the body.
    18 August 2021
  • The article describes all types of analyzes for the diagnosis and subsequent removal of HPV, the rules for delivery, preparation for procedures, the cost of services, and interpretation of the results.
    11 August 2021
  • Warts on the hands: the reasons for the appearance of warts on the hands, fingers and palms, how warts on the hands are treated, prevention of the appearance of warts on the hands.
    11 August 2021
  • Puzzled by the question, what is the best remedy for warts? After all, a lot of drugs are sold in pharmacies! We will find out what medicines and folk remedies to remove warts.
    10 August 2021
  • Laser wart removal is a surgical procedure in which papilloma is completely eliminated using a laser beam. Preparation and course of the procedure, advantages and contraindications. Features of laser wart removal on the face, as well as in children.
    15 July 2021
  • Human papilloma is transmitted through contact with infected skin or through sexual contact (papillomas in intimate places). Treatment of external signs of papilloma in a medical way is more effective, but folk remedies can also be used.
    13 July 2021
  • Warts - why they occur, varieties, photos of different types of warts, treatment.
    24 June 2021
  • How to quickly and effectively get rid of papillomas at home: drug treatment and recipes for traditional medicine.
    10 January 2021
  • What is human papillomavirus, HPV treatment (destructive methods, recipes of traditional medicine), research and diagnosis, prevention.
    30 December 2020
  • Variants of using celandine for papillomas: the main properties and composition of the plant, especially the use of juice. Prevention of the appearance of formations.
    28 December 2020
  • The causes and types of warts on the skin. Methods of treating warts in adults and children: drugs, methods of surgical removal, recipes for traditional medicine.
    7 December 2020
  • Effective ointments for papillomas: types of drugs, principle of action and application features. Homemade ointment recipes. Useful tips for skin care after removal of lesions.
    4 December 2020
  • Warts on the penis: causes, symptoms, treatment, causes of formation, symptoms and types, the danger of warts on the penis, treatment methods, removal of warts, medicines, folk remedies, prevention.
    26 November 2020
  • Papillomas on the penis: causes. Symptoms and Diagnosis. Danger of pathology. Treatment and prevention.
    19 November 2020
  • What to do if warts appear on the penis, causes of the formation of warts on the penis in men, symptoms and types of warts on the penis, the danger of warts on the penis in men, methods of treating warts on the penis, preventive measures.
    6 November 2020
  • How to get rid of warts, why warts appear, what types of formations are there, how to get rid of the problem, prevention of the appearance of warts.
    6 November 2020
  • Reasons for removing papillomas, laser removal of neoplasms (description of the procedure, advantages, contraindications, consequences, rules of care after removal, cost), as well as other methods of removing papillomas.
    3 November 2020
  • The reasons for the appearance of papillomas and their treatment with folk remedies, medications (antiviral, immunomodulating, local), hardware techniques.
    7 October 2020
  • Papillomas on the neck: causes and symptoms of the appearance, features of the appearance of many small papillomas, diagnosis of the disease, methods of treatment (drug medicine, removal in medical institutions), home remedies recipes, danger and predictions.
    4 October 2020
  • The most effective methods of treating and removing warts: modern procedures, medications and folk remedies.
    4 October 2020
  • The reasons for the appearance of papillomas on the body. Methods of treating formations: conservative and surgical methods, folk remedies. Prevention of the appearance of papillomas.
    1 October 2020
  • Papillomas on the penis: causes, symptoms, appearance of neoplasms, diagnosis, HPV and cancer, treatment and removal methods.
    30 September 2020
  • The reasons for the appearance of papillomas. Effective methods for removing formations: medicines and folk remedies, hardware and surgical removal. Prevention of the appearance of papillomas.
    21 September 2020
  • The reasons for the appearance of small papillomas on the body, the danger of formations. Methods and rules for removing papillomas.
    21 September 2020
  • What kind of warts are removed with a laser? Benefits and contraindications for the procedure. Carrying out laser removal of warts, rehabilitation.
    19 September 2020
  • The reasons for the appearance of papillomas on the neck in adults and children. How to get rid of papillomas on the neck: medicines and folk remedies. Prevention of the appearance of formations.
    18 September 2020
  • Effective recipes for folk remedies for warts: salicylic acid, garlic, iodine, vinegar. Application rules.
    17 September 2020
  • What papillomas look like and why appear on the human body. Ways of transmission and methods of infection. Treatment options and prevention.
    16 September 2020
  • Celandine as a remedy for warts: pros and cons, folk recipes and rules for use.
    6 September 2020
  • How is the human papillomavirus transmitted and where can you get infected. Risk factors and preventive measures.
    6 September 2020
  • How to get rid of papillomas using folk remedies: the most effective recipes and rules for their use.
    3 September 2020
  • Predisposing factors, routes of infection and symptoms of human papillomavirus. Conservative and surgical methods of treating the disease.
    30 August 2020
  • What are papillomas, transmission routes, types of papillomas and types (simple, plantar, flat, filiform, pointed, in the mouth and larynx).
    26 August 2020
  • Plantar wart - why it occurs and how it looks. Diagnostics and methods of treatment. Removal of warts. Prevention of plantar warts.
    25 August 2020
  • Where and why are papillomas and warts, why remove the tumors, methods of removal than dangerous self-breeding, how to care for the wound, possible complications after surgery, testimonials from patients, and beauticians, as well as answers to questions about the removal of tumors.
    6 July 2020
  • How is the human papilloma virus in men and women, and can you get at home? What is HPV infection? HPV transmission and infection. How is HPV infection? HPV how long after exposure? Signs of HPV infection.
    29 June 2020
  • What you need to know about HPV. Medical methods for wart removal. Burning at home. Home cryotherapy and medical plasters. Precautions.
    22 June 2020
  • Papilloma. What appear papilloma. Ways to HPV infection. Main types and types of papillomas. The danger of skin growths. When you need to see a doctor. Diagnosis and treatment of papillomas. Methods of removing structures. Preventive measures.
    22 June 2020