How to treat papillomas

A person is often sure that a small wart is harmless and does not require medication. In reality, it could be a papillomavirus. What it is? The papilloma virus is widespread in the world, therefore, the neoplasm on the body, no matter how small it is, needs to be shown to the doctor. How to cure papillomavirus? Learn about therapy options.

How to treat papillomavirus

In the world, about 90% of people are carriers of the disease, in which papillomas and condylomas appear on the body. The virus is transmitted from person to person, but there are effective ways to treat papillomas. It is difficult to completely get rid of the disease, but neoplasms can be removed quickly, combining with general body therapy (taking immunomodulators). What are the ways how to treat papillomas?

Removal of papillomas with folk remedies

Traditional medicine helps to eliminate the manifestation of the disease on the skin. How to treat human papillomavirus with simple homemade recipes:

  1. With juice from a cut of celandine herb, lubricate the formations on the skin until they dry. This should be done very carefully, without getting on healthy areas of the skin, so as not to provoke a burn.
  2. Wipe the affected areas with the inside of the banana peel 2-3 times a day.
  3. Take two cloves of garlic, chop and mix with a non-fat cream in a 1: 2 ratio. Lubricate papillomas once a day, cover with a plaster for 2-3 hours. After removing the patch, wash the skin with soap and water.
celandine herb to remove papillomas

Medical treatment of papillomas

Exposure to chemicals is very effective in treating neoplasms. Such substances are used to cauterize sore skin areas.

Surgical methods for removing papillomas

Conservative methods of therapy are not always effective in acute forms of the disease. A surgical method is used to remove neoplasms. How can papillomas be treated by removing the emerging foci of the disease? The doctor selects an individual type of destructive type of treatment:

  • excision with surgical instruments;
  • electrocoagulation;
  • laser treatment;
  • cryodestruction method;
  • moxibustion with a chemical solution.
papilloma removal procedure

How to treat papillomas

There are many therapy methods, but the effectiveness of each of them depends on the severity of the disease. The initial stages of the manifestation of the disease require conservative treatment, acute forms - destructive. How to treat the papilloma virus if you do not think drug therapy is appropriate? For lovers of traditional medicine in the home medicine cabinet there are also remedies that will help to overcome warts. You cannot get carried away with folk recipes and wait for a miracle if burns appear on the body and there is no result of home therapy.

How to get rid of papillomas with conservative methods

There are several ways to treat it:

  • the use of cytotoxic drugs;
  • chemical moxibustion.

Without the appointment of a specialist, such methods are not recommended to be used, there is a risk of burns to healthy tissues or a relapse. The use of chemicals is being eradicated from modern medicine due to the low potency and severe skin damage they cause. Cytotoxic drugs destroy diseased cells but pose a high risk of side effects.

Cytotoxic drugs

Substances are used to kill diseased cells, regardless of whether a person is infected with HPV. Many cytotoxic substances have health risks, treatment side effects and contraindications.

Cauterization chemical solution

How to treat papillomas with chemical treatment? Sick lesions are treated with special solutions, after which they are covered with a hard crust. The top is gradually removed along with the papilloma. It is impossible to tear off on your own, peel off the crust, because how can a secondary infection be introduced through damaged skin. The death of the skin occurs gradually, in a natural way. This method of treatment is not effective and provokes scars and scars.

How to treat HPV with immunomodulators

The most common reason for contracting HPV is a weakened immune system. Together with other methods of treatment, medications that support, strengthen the immune system are used. It is impossible to perceive immunomodulatory drugs as an independent treatment; it should be used only in combination with other methods of therapy. The duration of the medication and the dosage is also prescribed by the doctor. Some doctors argue that the use of immunomodulators is not necessary, the virus cannot be cured, so they are taken only as support for blocking HPV.

How to cure papillomas with hardware techniques

HPV treatment with this method occurs with the help of special devices and substances that destroy the warts from the inside. These are cryodestruction (using liquid nitrogen), electrocoagulation, laser surgery. Hardware treatment is used only by specialists, at home this procedure cannot be repeated: you need special equipment and a guarantee of the safety of therapy.

removal of papilloma on the forehead

Cryodestruction with liquid nitrogen

Cauterization with liquid nitrogen for papillomas is destructive from the inside: the liquid in diseased cells under the influence of the substance turns into ice. At first, the treated cells take on the shape of a bubble, after which they gradually become hard and die off. The treatment process takes a long time - from one and a half to two months. The efficiency of cryodestruction is high - from 80 to 100%.

Electrocoagulation method

Exposure to high frequencies of current on the affected areas under local anesthesia. During the procedure, a needle is inserted into the skin, so the process is very painful without anesthesia. The protein in the cells of the papilloma stops synthesizing and coagulates. The formation is dying off and ready to be removed. The method is beneficial from the point of view of histology, after removal of the formation, it is possible, through analysis, to find out the reasons for the appearance of foci of the disease.

How to remove papilloma with a laser

Thanks to this method of treatment, it is possible to preserve the health of the skin; laser removal does not leave scars or scars. Local anesthesia is immediately introduced, then a laser beam is applied to the areas of the disease. This procedure helps to remove the papilloma, seals the vessels to prevent the lesion from reappearing. The skin after laser treatment heals quickly, so the procedure is ideal for performing on the face (eyelid, forehead, cheeks) and open areas of the body (arms, neck).

laser removal of papilloma

Home remedies for papillomas

The growth is in some cases dangerous and can degenerate into benign neoplasms or even a malignant tumor. It is imperative to fight the disease, it is important not only for women (HPV often manifests itself in the reproductive system, affects the uterus, genitals, mammary glands, stomach), but also for men. At home, you can use pills, ointments, oils to remove lesions. The scheme for removing the manifestations of the virus with various drugs from the home first-aid kit is individual:

  1. You can cauterize warts with iodine, ammonia. The skin is thoroughly cleaned beforehand (you can use hydrogen peroxide). Then, to protect healthy skin, you can lubricate the papilloma with castor oil or petroleum jelly around the papilloma. After that, wetting a cotton swab with iodine, treat the diseased areas. You need to smear gently within two weeks, after which the wart should disappear. In an intimate sense, such a procedure is not recommended.
  2. Tea tree oil can also help if it is lubricated daily on the wart. This type of treatment contributes to the safe disposal of the focus of the disease, without the appearance of scars.